SimuFlex specializes in metal forming and welding simulation for the automotive, aerospace, and industrial sectors.

In the early stages of manufacturing, process feasibility is a critical consideration, and that's where we excel. We offer a comprehensive range of process simulations tailored to meet your specific manufacturing needs. Our expertise encompasses various processes, including but not limited to:


Hot Forming

Tube Bending


Stretch Bending


Partnering with SimuFlex provides groundbreaking insights and in-depth analysis of your process and product performance. Enhance your process and reduce your time to production with our unparalleled expertise. 

In Service Performance

At SimuFlex, we excel in component and system-level product evaluation using advanced simulation tools. Our specialized expertise includes:

Stiffness and Strength 

We meticulously assess the stiffness and strength of components and systems to ensure optimal performance and durability. By analyzing the load distribution and stress concentration, we optimize designs for structural integrity and reliability.

Structural Efficiency

Our focus extends to evaluating how effectively loads are distributed throughout the structure. By maximizing structural efficiency, we enhance performance and minimize weight without compromising safety or functionality.

Abuse Case Loading

We conduct comprehensive analyses to evaluate low cycle fatigue, simulating extreme conditions and abuse scenarios that components may encounter throughout their lifespan. This enables us to ensure product robustness and resilience capable of withstanding challenging environments.

In-Service Loading

High cycle fatigue analysis is integral to our evaluation process. We meticulously study the effects of cyclic loading and vibrations experienced during regular operation, ensuring that your products are designed to withstand long-term usage without compromising performance or safety.

Leverage our extensive expertise to confidently evaluate your product's performance, longevity, and reliability. SimuFlex empowers you to deliver top-quality solutions that surpass industry standards.

Contact SimuFlex today to benefit from our advanced simulation tools and comprehensive product evaluation services. Trust us for exceptional performance optimization and reliable product assessment.