Simulation-driven solutions

About Us

SimuFlex Solutions is a provider of cutting-edge advanced structural simulation services. With expertise spanning various engineering sectors, including mobility, aerospace, and industrial applications, we offer innovative solutions that drive success.

Our team specializes in both linear and non-linear structural analysis, delivering comprehensive insights to optimize your designs and manufacturing processes. Through our advanced forming analysis capabilities, we assist OEMs in predicting formability, suggesting design improvements, and enhancing vehicle structural components.

At SimuFlex Solutions, we leverage the power of computer simulation tools to enable rapid design iteration, allowing you to enhance structural response and explore architectural changes. Our goal is to empower you to achieve superior performance, streamline your engineering processes, and stay at the forefront of innovation.


In the early stages of manufacturing, process feasibility is a critical consideration, and that's where we excel. We offer a comprehensive range of process simulations tailored to meet your specific manufacturing needs. 

In Service Performance

At SimuFlex, we excel in component and system-level product evaluation using advanced simulation tools We specialize in strength & stiffness evaluation, structural efficiency, abuse case loading, and In-service loading.